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We currently have two vertical machining centers and we hope to soon add a turning center to the list however, our capabilities stretch far beyond these two pieces of equipment. With decades of experience programming CNC machines and doing design work for the Department of Defense, we can help with new product creation, to include manipulating designs for efficiency and cost effectiveness. We can also offer CAM programming assistance. 


Gen Mill T500

-12,000 RPM

-21 Tool Changer

-2,362 Inch per Minute Rapid Rates

-X,Y,Z Travel=20.08", 16.93", 12.99"

Ganesh 2416

-12,000 RPM Double-Ground “Big-Plus” Spindle

-24 Tool High Speed Double Arm ATC

1,417 Inch per Minute Rapid Rate

-X,Y,Z Travel=24.01", 15.75", 17.72"

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